Lord Shiva told Prithvi- “Gonishkraman tirth is situated in the Himalayas. Sage Aurva had his hermitage at this sacred place which was incidentally burnt to ashes by lord Shiva. Aurva cursed Shiva as the result of which Shiva started wandering throughout the world in a restless manner.”

“Once, lord Shiva visited the hermitage of sage Aurvanam accompanied by his consort-Uma. The purpose of the visit was to seek Aurvanam’s help in curing his restlessness. Sage Aurvanam advised him to have a bath with the milk of Surabhi cow. I (lord Vishnu) ┬áthen brought down seventy-seven Surabhi cows from the heaven and thus helped Shiva take bath with their milk. At last, Shiva’s reastlessness came to an end and this holy place became famous as ‘Gonishkraman’ tirth

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