Lord Varaha told Prithvi- “This holy place is named after Ruru, the daughter of Devadutt and an apsara named Pramalocha. Devadutt came from the lineage of sage Bhrigu. Once Devadutt did an austere penance to please lord Shiva. His penance continued for ten thousand years. Indra became worried and sent a beautiful apsara named Pramalocha to disturb his penance. Unfortunately Devadutt fell into the trap laid by Indra. He was infatuated by Pramalocha’s divine beauty and enjoyed an intimate life with her for a long time. Finally he realized his mistake and regretted his foolishness. He decided to abandon Pramalocha and recommence his penance. Ultimately he was successful in pleasing lord Shiva and attaining to Shiva loka.” “Meanwhile Pramalocha who was pregnant, gave birth to a girl child and died. The baby girl was nurtured and brought up by a deer named Ruru after whom she got her own name. In course of time Ruru grew up and decided to please lord Vishnu by her penance. She did an austere penance for one hundred years by remaining still at a place. At last I (lord Vishnu) became pleased by her total devotion and appeared before her. She requested me to name that place on her. I blessed her and thus that place became famous as Ruru kshetra.”

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