King Prajapal then requested Mahatapa to shed light on the origin of the serpents and the significance of  ‘panchami’.  Sage Mahatapa replied- The serpents  came from  the lineage of Kadru-Kashyapa’s  wife.  Sage Kashyapa  had  numerous  progeny from  Kadru-Vasuki,  Anant, Kambal, Karkotak, Padma, Mahapadma, Shankh, Kulik, etc. When all these serpents started tormenting  human-beings,  lord  Brahma  cursed  them  that  they would  be  annihilated  during swayambhuva manvantar due to the curse of their own mother.

The serpents became terrified and promised to mend their ways. They then requested lord Brahma to give them a place to live in. Lord Brahma instructed them to go to three different netherworlds- Sutal, Vital and Patal. He also warned them that during Vaivaswat manvantar Janmejay would perform a grand yagya with the objective of destroying the wicked serpents but the virtuous among them would manage to survive. This particular incident had occured on panchami and hence it became the destroyer of all sins. A devotee who worships ‘Nag’ (serpent) on this day and offers milk will never be troubled by them.

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