Describing Kartikeya’s manifestation and how his worship got associated with the auspicious day of shashthi, sage Mahatapa told king Prajapal- Once a fierce battle was between the deities and demons in which the deities got defeated. The reason behind their defeat was the absence was the absence of an able commander who could lead them. The deities went to seek the help of lord Brahma. Being unable to solve their problem, lord Brahma took the deities to lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva invoked ‘Shakti’ present within his body and thus manifested lord Kartikeya. He was named after the six ‘Kritikas’ who had nurtured him by feeding their breast milk. Lord Shiva then made Kartikeya the commander of the deities on the auspicious day of shashthi. Under his able leadership, the deities finally managed to defeat the demons.

A devotee who worships lord Kartikeya on shashthi enjoys prosperity and gets all his desire fulfilled. A childless couple must worship on this auspicious day to get blessed with a son.

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