Its area is approximately twice as compared to Jambudweepa. It is inhabited by virtuous people who are prosperous and who enjoy a long life. They are free from the tortures of old age. This island is covered by oceans on its two sides–Salt water ocean on one side and ‘Ksheer Sagar’ (Ocean of Milk) on the other. The mountain ranges lying in the northern part of this island is known as Udayachal while ‘Chandragiri is situated in the western part. There are some other mountain ranges like Rajatgiri, Ambikey, etc situated on this island. Altogether these mountain ranges total seven in number and are known as ‘Kula-Parvatas’. Some primonent rivers flowing through this island are Sukumari, Kumari, Nanda, Venika, Dhenu, Ikshumati and Gabhasti. There is a large tree named Shak in the central part of this island. This is how this island derived its name.

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