Because of Bhrigu‘s curse, Vishnu had to be born several times on earth. These are known as avataras (incarnations). The Vayu Purana now catalogues Vishnu‘s ten incarnations. These are as follows.

(1) Matsya or fish.

(2) Narasimha or half-man and half-lion

(3) Vamana or dwarf.

(4) Dattatreya, the sage.

(5) Bhavya.

(6) Parashurama.

(7) Rama.

(8) Vedavyasa.

(9) Krishna.

(10) Kalki.


Lomaharshana finished his recital of the Vayu Purana and told the assembled sages, ―You are indeed lucky. You have heard that which is most sacred. This holy act will undoubltedly take you straight to heaven. A person who listens to a recital of this sacred text is rewarded with wealth, health and a long life. All the sins that a listener may have committed are forgiven. Do you know how the knowledge of this Purana was passed down through the ages? It passed from Vayu to Ushana, from Ushana to Brihaspati, from Brihaspati to Savita, from Savita to Mrityu, from Mrityu to Indra, from Indra to Vashishtha, from Vashishtha to Sarasvata, from Sarasvata to Tridhama, from Tridhama to Dhananjaya, from Dhananjaya to Kritanjaya, from Kritanjaya to Trinanjaya, from Trinanjaya to Bharadvaja, from Bharadvaja to Goutama, from Goutama to Niryantara, from Niryantara to Vajashrava, from Vajashrava to Somashushma, from Somashushma to Trinavindu, from Trinavindu to Daksha, from Daksha to Shaktri, from Shaktri to Parashara, from Parashara to Jatukarna and from Jatukarna to Vedavyasa. I learnt the Purana from the great Vedavyasa himself. This is a lineage of sages that is truly sacred.‖

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