BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Shakti senas’s uproar

. Durmada was confronted by Sampatkaridevi and her army of elephants (who arose from Lalita devi‘s spear). Realising that his army was being defeated Durmada himself came for the war seated on a camel. Sampatkari devi who was seated on ‗Ranakolahala‘ her elephant, faced him. In the ferocious battle Durmada was able to destroy one gem from the crown of Sampatkari devi. Angry with this, Sampatkari devi killed Durmada with her arrows which pierced his heart. With that the remaining demons fled back to their town out of fear.

Listening to this Bhandasura was very angry and sent Durmada‘s elder brother Kurunda for battle. He is an expert in maya yuddha (war using mystical powers). Full of vengeance he attacked Sampatkari devi. In the meanwhile Ashwarudha devi who had taken birth from Lalita devi‘s whip came forward and pleaded Sampatkari devi to give her a chance to fight with this demon. Now Ashwarudha devi along with her army pounced upon Kurunda.

Ashwarudha devi mounted on ‗Aparajita‘ was herself leading the army. In that battle she killed Kurunda by piercing his chest with her spear. Remaining demonsfled for their lives.

Bhanda became furious. He sent a huge army this time (100 akshohini) along with 5 commanders. They materialised serpent gods by name ‗Ranashambari‘ which attacked shaktisena. The demons had previously defeated gods using these mystic powers. Crores and crores of serpents, which arose from the serpent gods, started torturing the shaktisena. They were taking birth again and again even after being killed a number of times. Then Nakuli devi mounted on garuda came to the battlefield. From her mouth came out 32 crores of mongooses. These mongooses started gobbling up all the newborn serpents immediately after birth. Then Nakuli devi killed Ranashambari with Garudastram. All the five commanders now attacked Nakuli devi. Nakuli devi‘s mongoose army attacked them from the rear. In that ferocious battle Nakuli devi who was mounted on Garuda was making aerial strikes on the demons who were not able to catch her. She killed the five commanders by chopping of their heads.

Bhanda after listening to this sent Valahaka and other seven commanders along with 300 akshohini army. These seven demons are sons of demoness named Kikasa. In the past they obtained a boon from sun god that at the time of war sun would reside in theireyes. As soon as these demons entered the battlefield the shakti sena army started becoming blindfolded and incapacitated unable to face the brilliance of their eyes. Demons started becoming ferocious. Immediately the bodyguard of Dandanatha devi –named Tiraskarinika devi, entered the battle field mounted on an aeroplane named ‗Tamoliptam‘.At the order of Damdanatha devi she discharged an arrow named ‗Andhanastra‘ and the seven commanders were forced to close their eyes. Now shakti sena started pouncing back. Keeping Tiraskarinika devi in the forefront, other gods killed the sevencommanders. With this blow Bhandasura lost his senses. He called upon his two brothers for a discussion. In that meeting it was decided that Vishanga would attack devi‘s army from its rear side in a treacherous way (This is called Parshti grahamu). This decision was taken because they got information from their spies that Lalita devi was having less army and protection at her rear end and it was easier for them to approach Lalita devi directly and attack her, if they approached from the rear. After the first day‘s war, at dusk, Vishanga with a small army proceeded to the rear of Lalita devi‘s army noiselessly without any drums. By then Lalita devi‘s army was moving westward. Vishanga along with his army moved north wards and then turned to reach eastern side. He was able to see Srichakraraja chariot very near to him. Lalita devi was looking forward observing the movement of the army.

She was not having much army close to her. Taking this opportunity Vishanga attacked devi‘s chariot from the rear, all of asudden.

Anima and other gods who were present there were taken back at this sudden attack but quickly recovered themselves and prepared for a counter fight. Exactly at the same time Kutilaksha along with ten akshohini army attacked from the front side. Seeing attack from both ends Lalita devi was a little angry. In the mean while, struck by an arrow from Vishanga, the fan present in Lalita devi‘s hand fell down andbroke. Seeing this Tithidevatas got very angry. They went and requested Lalita devithat Vahnivasini and Jwalamalini nitya devas have property and capacity of self illumination. If they glow then the demons who are in the dark will all becomevisible. With the permission of Lalita devi, Vahnivasini and Jwalamalini devis started glowing like fireballs. All the demons who were hiding in darkness now becamevisible. Now the 16 nitya devi‘s became outrageous and attacked Vishanga‘s army. All the commanders in the demons army died. Wounded all over the body Vishanga fled for his life shamelessly. Even Kutilaksha who attacked from the front also fled. (In Lalita sahasranama – nityaparakrama topa nirikshana samatsuka=seeing the valour of nityadevatas, Lalita devi was very pleased). Mantrini devi and Dandanatha devi felt unhappy about this unprecedented attack in the night They felt very sorry that their arrangements of protection were not up to the mark. Agni prakara (compound wall made of fire). Both of them went to Lalita devi, expressed sorry for what had happened and made arrangements for protection. At the instance of Lalita devi, Jwalamalini devi made a compound wall of fire around the devi‘s army The fire wall is 100 yojana wide and 30 yojana tall. (1 yojana is approximately 8 miles). At the southern end of fire wall is a 1 yojana long entry, to enable devi‘s army to go out and fight because Shunyapuram is facing this end. (L.S.N—jwalamalinikashipta vahniprakaramadhyaga)Stambhini devi a member of Dandanatha devi family along with

20 akshohinisenas was protecting this entry point. She is also called Vighna devi. By then it was dawn.

Knowing all this news Bhandasura was in despair and started thinking what to do. This time he sent all his 30 sons for the war. After listening to this news Lalita devi‘s daughter Baladevi wanted to fight these demons herself. Baladevi is the only daughter of Lalita devi .She resembles Lalita devi very much but is always only years old .She stays permanently with her mother.. Baladevi approached her mother and requested for permission to fight in thebattlefield.. At the outset Lalita devi denied but looking at the courage and will power exhibited by Bala devi she ultimately gave permission. Seeing Bala devi coming for thewar Mantrini and Dandanayaka were astonished and they stood as her body guards. Now Baladevi started ferocious fighting with Bhanda‘s sons. Every one was surprised at her valor. Whole of the second day Baladevi fought. That evening she shot 30 arrows at a time and killed the 30 sons of Bhanda.

Lalita devi was very happy and she embraced her daughter (Bhanda putra vadhodyukta bala vikrama nandita). Bhanda was grief stricken. Desperately he himself started off for the war. Vishukra and Vishanga pacified Bandasura.

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