Lord Brahma told the deities that he was aware of their plight. He was of the opinion that the mighty Bali could be defeated only by the Almighty himself and nobody else. Lord Brahma said- “You must go to a place called Amrit, which is situated towards the north of Ksheersagar. The Almighty God is engaged in an austere penance at that place. All of you must go there and try to please him by doing penance and after he is pleased, just request him to take his next incarnation as Aditi’s son.”

Sage Kashyapa and all the deities agreed to follow Brahma’s advice. All of them proceeded towards Shwetdweep. When they reached there, they were amazed to find the place devoid of any creature. Its boundary seemed limitless and even the Sun’s rays could not reach it. Sage Kashyapa initiated all the deities into the austerity named Kamad, fulfiller of all the desires. After that, all of them commenced their severe penance.

Lord Narayan became pleased by Kashyapa’s eulogies and austere penance. He appeared before the deities and asked them to demand anything they wished for. Kashyapa requested him to give Aditi, the privilege of becoming his mother. Lord Vishnu agreed to take birth as Aditi’s son.


The deities became pleased and all of them proceeded back towards Kashyapa’s hermitage. When they reached Kurukshetra, the place where Kashyapa had his hermitage, they inspired Aditi to commence her penance to please Lord Vishnu. Aditi did a severe penance for 10,000 years. The place where she did her penance later on became famous as Aditivan. Lord Vishnu was extremely pleased by her devotion.


Lomaharshan says- Lord Vishnu appeared and told her that he was most willing to fulfil her wish. Aditi requested him to make her son- Indra, the lord of all the three worlds once again. Lord Vishnu assured her that he would take birth as her son and kill all the demons.


Aditi had apprehensions as to how she could bear the weight of Almighty God in her womb. But Lord Vishnu assured her by saying- “Don’t worry. I will give you the strength to do that. In course of time, Aditi became pregnant. But soon after her pregnancy, the earth shook violently because of the unbearable weight of the foetus. Wherever she went, that particular portion of earth tilted down because of the enormous weight. Her pregnancy had significantly eroded the radiance of the demons.


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