During his regime, the king Parikshit got untoward reports that Kali Yuga had entered within the limits of his otherwise peaceful kingdom. With a huge army, Parikshit at once setout to the spot where Kali Yuga had arrived. On the way he saw the religion and the earth in the guises of a bull and a cow respectively. The cow was in death-like condition, while the bull was somehow dragging himself on one leg only as its three legs were broken. He also saw that a king-like, but impolite man was beating them ruthlessly with a stick. From a distance, the king Parikshit

shouted at the man, “You scoundrel, why are you beating such helpless creatures in my kingdom?” Saying this, the king Parikshit drew his sword to kill the evil Kali. But the clever Kali fell at the feet of the king. For Kali was now in the king’s refuge, he did not kill him, but ordered that being an assistant of irreligious, he should at once leave the kingdom. Kali then asked, ” O king wherever I go, I find you ready to kill me with you bow and arrow. You tell me where should I go and where should I live?” The king allowed Kali to live in five things– gambling, drinking of wine, company of women, violence and the gold. Since then, Kali i.e. the dispute has had a continuous association with these five things. Hence, anybody disirous of self- improvement must avoid these five things which are governed by Kali.

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