The king Parikshit asked, ” O fortunate one, God is said to have an equal view for everybody. Why then does He favor the gods alone. Why does He kill the demons only? Thus I have some doubts regarding God’s impartiality. Kindly remove them.”

Shukdev says, ” Parikshit, God’s sketches are so vivid that even the great sages can’t comprehend them fully. Even then just by reciting these surprising sketches of God, one receives the supreme position. Accepting the virtues of this illusion, God acquires the opposing forms of killer and killed occasionally. Virtues like Satya (chastity), Rajas (royalty) and Tamas (darkness) are of nature, and not of God and hence keep rising and falling with time. When Satguna (chastity) rises, God adopts the gods and the Sages and causes a surge in their number. A rise in Rajas (royal) virtues sees a surge in demons number. While a rise in Tama (darkness) virtues leads to a surge in the population of the Yaksh and Rakshasas (ogres and other super natural beings). But God is in fact impartial. Shukdev says, ” O king once Devarshi Narada had related an incident to your grandfather Yudhisthira. I’m narrating it to you right now. Your doubts will be removed.”

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