ARA -Ara Daughter of king Sukra

Her story was a warning to kings who abused their power, who did not live by the rules of civility, or who harmed the family of a brahmin.
A haughty young king named Danda ruled a large kingdom that extended to the Himalayas. One day on a hunting expedition King Danda saw Ara, daughter of the great sage, Maharishi Sukra. In his lust he raped the young brahmin girl.
Ara told her father, and he advised her to practice austerities (tapas). This must have been for purification, for it was the rishi (sage) who gained the boon from Indra to rain fire upon the kingdom of Danda. The entire region was turned into an impenetrable wasteland where neither animals nor birds lived. The place became known as Dandakaranya. (This story was nested within the Rama myth cycle, serving to explain the place and its name.)

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