CITRARATHA – Agandharva (celestial musician)


In the Mahabharata while the Pandavas were walking in the forest after killing the demons Hidimbha and Baka, they heard a sound in the river nearby of some­body taking a bath. Arjuna went to see who was taking a bath at night. He saw the gandharva king Citraratha and his wife Kumbhinasi bathing together. It was the only moment that it was possible for a human to see a gandharva—at twi­light when it was between night and day. Citraratha was furious at having a human spy on his privacy and began a battle with Arjuna. Arjuna defeated the gandharva, and Citraratha taught Arjuna the magic science of cakshushividya, the ability to see anything in the three worlds. He also gave Arjuna many other gifts, such as chariots and horses. Arjuna in return taught Citraratha about his magic weapon called the Agnisira.

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