DEVASENA – Woman of great beauty and purity


As a daughter of Daksha, a Prajapati, Devasena could be considered a minor god­dess. In heavenly fields one day Devasena and her sister Daityasena were enjoy­ing nature when they caught the lustful eye of the demon Keshi. The demon talked Daityasena into marrying him but could not persuade Devasena to do the same. She prayed to Indra, who drove Keshi away with his diamond weapon (vajrayudha), but the demon escaped with the submissive sister. Devasena asked for a husband who could defeat the devas (gods), danavas (her half-broth­ers, sons of Danu, all demons), and yakshas (tree spirits). However, both Indra and Brahma could not find such a warrior in the three worlds. All the gods com­bined were able to create Subrahmanya for her. Later with Devasena’s and Sub- rahmanya’s help the gods defeated the demons.
This myth was nested in the Siva myth cycle when Subrahmanya came to be seen as a son of Siva and would need a worthy wife.

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