Describing about the decline in moral values during Kali Yuga, Indra told Shilad– In Kali Yuga, people will be under the total influence of the worldly illusions. Ignorance diseases, fear and hunger will be prevalent everywhere. Famine and drought would occur quite frequently as the fall out of inadequate rain. Sinners would outnumber the virtuous people would deviate from the path of religiousness. Brahmins would lose their superiority and Shudras would become the rulers. Brahmins will not be respected and will be forced to serve the lowlye people. Majority of women would be immoral and progenies would not obey the commands of their parents.

Predicting a grim scenario, Indra stressed great importance of religiousness during Kali  Yuga and saidРA virtuous deed accomplished in Kali Yuga gives fruits in a day as compared to Treta and Dwapar Yugas, which take one year and one month respectively.


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