Markandeya says- ‘After being pleased by the eulogy of Aditi, the Sun shed its radiance and became sombre. Now, Aditi could see him. She said- ‘O lord! Be pleased upon me. The Daityas and the Danavas have captured all the three worlds from my sons. I request you to take birth as my son and defeat the demons.’

The Sun god agreed to take birth as her son. In course of time, Aditi became pregnant. She engaged herself in religious activities so that she could become a mother of a virtuous child.

Seeing his pregnant wife observing fasts, Kashyapa became very angry. He said- ‘It is not proper for a pregnant woman to observe fast as it may prove to be harmful to the foetus. Why are you trying to destroy it?’ Aditi replied- ‘I am not trying to destroy my foetus. After taking birth, our child will destroy our enemies.’

In her anger, Aditi released her foetus. Kashyapa started chanting the mantras of Rigveda. In a very short time, her child came out from that foetus. A heavenly voice was heard which said- ‘O sage! Since you have called this foetus, Marit, therefore your son would be famously known as Martand.’ After the birth of Martand, the morale of the deities was boosted up. Indra challenged the demons. A tremendous battle ensued between both the sides. Martand glanced towards the demons as a result of which they were charred to death. The deities were pleased and eulogised Martand. At last, the deities regained their territories they had lost to the demons.

Markandeya says- ‘Vishwakarma had married his daughter Sangya to the Sun-god. But being unable to face the unbearable radiance of the Sun, she went to do penance after instructing her shadow to perform the duties of an ideal wife on her behalf. Ultimately, she returned back to her husband only after Vishwakarma had subdued the radiance of the Sun god. Vishwakarma then eulogised the Sun god by saying- I make salutations to the Sun god whose existence is beneficial for the whole universe. I make salutations to one whose own origin remains a mystery and who enables our eyes to see. I make salutations to the Sun god who destroys darkness and who lightens up the whole world.’


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