This particular austerity is a form of ‘nakta-vrata’, which means observing fast for the whole day and breaking it in the night. The austerity commences on the first day of the bright half of the Hindu month- aghan and lasts for a year. Rituals include worshipping Agnideva- an embodiment of lord Vishnu, chanting of certain mantras praising the glory of the deity and performing ‘havan’. There are specific instructions on the type of food a devotee should have during the course of this austerity- for four months

(chaitra to ashadh) he should have delicacies like ‘kheer’ seasoned in pure ghee. From Shravana to kartik he should have food-items prepared from gram flour. This way, the austerity lasts for one year whereby a devotee observes fast on the first day of every month that follows. The austerity concludes by

worshipping an idol of lord Agni made of gold. The idol is adorned with a piece of red-cloth and red- flowers are offered to the deity while worshipping. After the rituals are accomplished, the idol should be donated to a brahmin. The observance of this particular austerity brings good fortune to a man and makes him prosperous.

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