BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Recovery of the Sacrificial Horse

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Jaimini said:” It behoves you, O Leading Brahmana, to restrain immediately this Fire of anger. If not, the entire universe is likely to be burnt by it untimely. Your greatness hasbeen seen. The whole world including the mobile and the immobile beings has been pervaded by this fire of your…

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BRAHMANANDA PURANA – mokshada ekadashi

Mokshada Ekadasi

Yudhishthira Maharaj said, “O Vishnu, master of all, O delight of the three worlds, O Lord of the entire Universe, O creator of the world, O oldest personality, O best of all beings, I offer my most respectful obeisances unto You. “O Lord of lords, for the benefit of all…

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BRAHMANANDA PURANA – The Compounds of precious stones

The Compounds of precious stones

: Inside the golden compound, there are eleven prakaras (compounds) one inside the other and inside them there are six more compounds described hereunder. All these compounds are perfect squares. Here also, the distance between one compound and the other is Seven yojanas. (yojana is a measurement of length of…

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BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Matanga kanyaka charitra

Matanga kanyaka charitra

(story of Matanga kanya). In the olden days a sage named Matanga used to expand the creation byvirtue of the power of his penance.362. His son Matanga was a great saint and practitioner of penance. He was the friend of Himavanta. Once Himavanta started boasting saying that he was the…

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BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Sripura varnanam

Sripura varnanam

(description of Sripura ) What does Sripura mean? After the annihilation of Bhandasura, Trimurtis called upon the cosmic architect Viswakarma and the architect of demons Maya , and instructed them to construct 16 palaces in 16 kshetras (sacred places) for the residence of Lalita & Shiva Kameswara. Meru and other…

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BRAHMANANDA PURANA -Kama sanjeevanam

Kama sanjeevanam

(rebirth of kama). Brahma, Vishnu, Indra and other gods praised Lalita devi‘s grandeur (LSN—Brahmopendra mahendradi deva samstuta vaibhava). In that praise they proclaimed thus: A.) Mother! Bhanda is dead but his friend Taraka is still alive to trouble us. B.) To annihilate him Shiva must have a son C.) We…

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BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Annihilation of Vishukra and Vishanga

Annihilation of Vishukra and Vishanga

After discussing with Bhandasura, Vishukra came back to war, along with his brother Vishanga and son-in-law. With this the third day war had started. Mantrini and Dandanatha both started to fight simultaneously. In the front was Dandanatha devi mounted on her kirichakra ratha with her plough weapon (halayudha) swirling it…

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BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Vighnayentra nashnam

Vighnayentra nashnam

(Destruction of the mystic symbol of obstacles). Now Bhanda sent Vishukra to the warfront. In the darkness Vishukra approached the Vahniprakara (firewall) –on a flat stone he drew a mystic symbol and performed some black magic. He then threw that mystic symbol forcefully. It fell in the firewall at some…

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BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Shakti senas’s uproar

Shakti senas’s uproar

. Durmada was confronted by Sampatkaridevi and her army of elephants (who arose from Lalita devi‘s spear). Realising that his army was being defeated Durmada himself came for the war seated on a camel. Sampatkari devi who was seated on ‗Ranakolahala‘ her elephant, faced him. In the ferocious battle Durmada…

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BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Bhanda’s war preparation

Bhanda’s war preparation

While Lalita devi was proceeding for the war, many bad omens were observed in Bhanda‘s ‗Shunyaka‘ town. Bhandasura called upon an urgent meeting along with his brothers Vishukra and Vishanga to assess and evaluate the situation. In the meeting Vishukra spoke thus: a.) All gods have burnt themselves by jumping…

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BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Devi vijaya yatra (Devi’s victory procession)

Devi vijaya yatra Devi’s victory procession

Later Lalita devi, making the noise emanating from the four oceans as the drums and accompanied with several other instruments proceeded for the battle against Bhandasura. From Lalitha devi‘s Ankusham (=spear), ‗Sampat karidevi‘, came out along with crores and crores of elephants and started following Lalita devi (sampatkarisamarudha sindhura vraja…

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BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Manifestation of Lalita Devi

Manifestation of Lalita Devi

At the end of the Homa, Lalita Devi came out of the Chidagni Homa Kunda, seated on a special chariot called ―Chakra Raja Rata‖. Therefore, we find the descriptions such as ―Chidagnikunda sambhoota‖ ―Deva kaarya samudyataa‖ and ―Chakra Raja Rathaa Roodha Sarvaayudha Parishkritaa‖ in Lalita Sahasranama. The Sri Chakra Raja…

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BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Tormenting of the three worlds

Tormenting of the three worlds

When the kingdom was well established, Bhandasura called for a meeting of his brothers and ministers and said: A) Devatas (Gods) are our enemi As long as Manmatha was alive, their lineage continued without any problems. They also enjoyed many pleasures. B) Now, because of our luck, we have taken…

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BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Birth of Bhandasura

BRAHMANANDA PURANA Birth of Bhandasura

. At this point of time, Chitrakarma, the commander of one of the Rudra Ganas (Gana = troupe) one day started toying with the ash of the burnt Manmatha and prepared a doll out of it. He took this doll to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva‘s intentions are indeed unfathomable. As…

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Brahmananda Purana – Preaching of Bruhaspati

Preaching of Brihaspati

. After narrating the story, Bruhaspati said, ―Indra! Now you think of your sins‖. Indra once again prostrated to the sage and requested. ―Sir! I am unable to realise my sins. Kindly give me details‖. Bruhaspati replied ―In the distant past, ‗Diti‘, the second wife of Kashyapa gave birth to…

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Brahmananda Purana – Penance of Agastya.

Penance of Agastya.

Penance of Agastya. Long ago, the mountain Vindhya (central India) started growing upward in gigantic proportion due to egoism. The sage Agastya decided to subdue the pride of Vindhya. For this purpose, he came from Varanasi (Uttara Pradesh, India) and settled in South India. By the divine presence of the…

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Brahmanda purana – Lalithopakhyanam


It is the most important section of this Purana. The narration is written in the form of conversation between Hayagreeva and the sage Agastya. Hayagreeva in this context is a seer. There is a celestial of the same name. Who are they? We get the reply for this also in…

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Brahmanda purana

Brahmananda Purana

It is the eighteenth Purana. It has 1200 verses. Presently available in separate parts. We do not have the full text. Hence we have given the three important ones which we have: About the Mokshada Ekadasi. The Lalitopakhyanam about Devi Lalita Tripura Sundari. This also contains the Lalita Sahasranama Stotra…

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