BRAHMANANDA PURANA -Kama sanjeevanam

(rebirth of kama). Brahma, Vishnu, Indra and other gods praised Lalita devi‘s grandeur (LSN—Brahmopendra mahendradi deva samstuta vaibhava). In that praise they proclaimed thus:
A.) Mother! Bhanda is dead but his friend Taraka is still alive to trouble us.
B.) To annihilate him Shiva must have a son
C.) We were trying for the same but in the mean while Manmadha (god of love) died and all these events happened
 D.) Therefore kindly give rebirth to Manmadha and perform the marriage of Shiva and Parvathi.

Lalita devi smiled compassionately and looked at Kameshwara. From her looks Manmadha took rebirth .(Haranetragni sandagdha amasanjeevanaushadhih – meaning Lalita devi is the sacred herb sajeevini which gave rebirth to Manmadha who was destroyed by the fire from Shiva‘s eye). Rati and Manmadha prostrated to the mother goddess and praised her.

The mother goddess blessed them and instructed: A.) Manmadha! Now you need not fear
B.) Go once again and cast your magical arrow on Shiva
C.) Shiva will loose to you and will marry Parvathi
D.) With my blessings Shiva will do you no harm.
E.) From now on you can enter every ones body and cause aesthetic/ sensuous pleasures to them.
F.) Protect my devotees.

At the instructions of mother goddess Manmadha with his family went and cast his magic charm on Shiva. This time Shiva left renunciation and started searching vehemently for parvathi. Then Manmadha cast magical arrows on Parvati also. Shiva was very pleased with parvathi‘s penance. He appeared before her, granted a boon and married her. Kumaraswamy was born to Shiva and Parvathi .He became the commander of Gods army and annihilated Tarakasura. He then married Devasena devi, the daughter of Indra.
After helping all the gods Manmadha left to Sripura to serve goddess Lalita devi.

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