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Markandeya says- ‘Swayambhuva Manu had ten sons. He had divided the whole earth into seven continents. In the beginning of Treta Yuga, the sons of Priyavrata had done the same. Prajavati- the daughter of Kardam Prajapati had ten sons and two daughters from Priyavrata. Names of these ten sons were- Agnighna, Medhatithi, Vayushman, Jyotishman, Dyutiman, Bhatya, Savan, Medha, Agnibahu and Mitra. Among all these ten sons, the last three never ruled any kingdom.

The remaining seven sons were made the rulers of all the seven  continents by Priyavrata. Agnighna was made the ruler of Jambudweep, Medhatithi that of Plakshdweep. Vayushman was given Shalmalidweep whereas Jyotishman was made the ruler of Kushdweep. Similarly, Dyutiman was given Kraunchdweep to rule while Bhatya was given Shakdweep. The seventh son, Savan was made the ruler of Pushkardweep. Savan had two sons- Medhavi and Dhataki. Savan sub-divided the Pushkardweep into two parts and each part was given to each of the sons. Bhatya had seven sons- Jalad, Kumar, Sukumar, Marnavak, Kushottar, Medhavi and Mahadrum. Bhatya too sub-divided the Shakdweep into seven parts and distributed them among all his sons. Similarly, Dyutiman too had seven sons to whom were distributed his kingdom Kraunchdweep after sub-dividing it into seven parts. Jyotishman, Vayushman and Medhatithi made their respective sons the rulers after giving them kingdoms. Agnighna was the ruler of Jambudweep. He had nine sons. His kingdom was equally distributed among all of them. Nabhi- the son of Agnighna was the father of Rishabh. Bharata was the son of Rishabh. Bharata was given the southern part of Rishabh’s kingdom. Our country is named after Bharata.’