Tale of Lord Krishna’s life in Bhagavata Purana

Hearing the tales of Royal dynasties from Sukhdev, king Parikshit requested “Guruvar, you have just narrated the surprising tale of Suryavanshi and Chandravanshi (dynasties). Now I wish to hear the tales of Lord Krishna’s life in detail. It was because of God’s grace that my ancestors could successfully win the Mahabharata. I to had experienced Lords grace while I was an unborn child and Ashwathama had triggered Brahmastra to destroy me. It was the Lord himself who saved me from the heat of Brahmastra with his wheel. O sage, therefore, kindly narrate the tale of Krishna’s life who is the soul of every living being. I do not feel thirsty or hungry while hearing the pious tale of God’s life from you.”

Pleased by the pure devotion of Parikshit for God, Sukhdev says, “When the atrocities of evil demons increased on earth beyond a certain limit, the perplexed earth reached to Brahma in the guise of a cow, and vented her sorrows. Brahma took her and Lord Shiva to Lord Vishnu and prayed Him through Purusha Sukta. Lord heard their prayers and said, “I know about the sufferings of poor earth. Very soon, I’ll take incarnation in Yaduvansh to elevate her burden. All the gods, should take birth in Yadukul to assist me during my human incarnation. And to serve my beloved Radha, all the apsaras should appear as the womenfolk of Yudu community.”

Brahma dictated the gods and said that even Yoga Maya (personification of illusions) of Lord Vishnu would take a partial incarnation to assist the Lord in His plays. Thus consoling the earth Brahma returned to his abode.

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