Krishna Kaliya naag yudh – GRACE ON KALIYA THE NAGA

One day, BalaKrishna arrived on the banks of Yamuna with their friends. Balarama was not with them that day. The water of the river Yamuna was intoxicated by the poison of Kaliya- The Naga. It was exceptionally hot that day and all the cowherds and cattles were very thirsty. So without giving any thought, they all drank the water from Yamuna and died. But Lord Krishna resurrected them by his ambrosial sight.

Then lord Krishna decided to purify the waters of Yamuna. Thus tying a cloth round his waist, Krishna climbed a Cadamba tree and jumped into the river. In the water the lord started playing and splashing water. Soon the waves began to rise high. When Kaliya- the Naga heard the noise. He got extremely angry and appeared before Krishna. He saw a beautiful, tender, dark complexioned boy playing joyfully in the waters. He stung him and tied him in his spirals. Tied in the spirals of Kaliya, lord became absolutely motionless. Seeing Krishna in death like situation, all the cowherds and even the cows felt very sorry. Just then lord freed himself from the hold of Kaliya. Then a game of hide and seek began between them. Lord dodged the Naga for a long time. Thereafter he rode on Kaliya’s hood and began to dance there.

The followers of God, like Gandharvas etc. began to play Mridangam, Dhol etc. to give him a company. Tired from the blows of lord’s feet, Kaliya soon began to vomit blood. Naga’s wives began to pray God, “O lord, your incarnation is to punish the evil ones for their sins. You have shown your grace on us also. We are fortunate to have a sight and touch of your feet. Pity O lord. This Naga can no longer bear your momentum. He will die. We are all your slaves. Kaliya is our lord. Kindly forgive him.” With kindness, lord released Kaliya, who prayed thus: O lord in your creation we snakes represent Tamo Guna (dark virtues). We are confused by your illusions.” Lord dictated Kaliya to migrate with his family to Ramnad Dweep. Since then water of Yamuna became pure for humans and animals.


After defeating Kaliya, Lord Krishna and all other people of Vraj felt extremely tired. They were very hungry and thirsty also. So they did not go back to Vrindavana, but stayed on the bank of Yamuna in the night. Because of intense heat of summer, surrounding forests had been Shrivelled. At midnight those Shrivelled forests caught fire and the sleeping people were engulfed by it. They awakened startled and took shelter at Krishna. Seeing their horrified appearance, Lord Krishna drank the infernal forest fire and thus saved the lives of innocent people who had rested their live’s at him with faith.

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