Lord Mahadeva told Parvati— When Jarasandh learnt about Kalyavan’s death, he attacked Balarama to avenge his friend’s death. But, very soon he realized that it was beyond his capacity to defeat Balarama, so he retreated alongwith his army. Sri Krishna and Balarama returned to Dwarka.In course of time, Balarama married Revati–the daugher of Raivat. At that time, there ruled a king named Bhismak. He ruled over Vidarbha. He had a beautiful daughter named Rukmini. He also had many sons among whom Rukmi was prominent.

 Rukmi wanted Rumini to get married to Shishupal much against her wishes. Rukmini being an incarnation of goddess Lakshmi rightly wanted o have Sri Krishna as her husband. Rukmini sent a  message  to  Sri  Krishna  about  her  brother’s  intention.  Sri  Krishna  went  to  help  her, accompanied by Balarama. Sri Krishna reached Vidarbha on the same day, Rukmini was supposed  to  marry  Shishupal  and  abducted  her  to  Dwarka.  Jarasandh  and  Rukmi  chased Krishna’s chariot but Balarama defeated Jarasandh while Sri Krishna fastened Rukmi with the chariot. Sri Krishna also shaved off Rukmi’s hair, which filled him with so much of shame that he decided not to return to Vidarbha.After reaching Dwarka, Sri Krishna married Rukmini on an auspicious day.

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