Prithvi requested lord Varaha to describe the proper methods of installing various types of idols. Lord Varaha replied that a devotee desirous of making a wooden idol must select the wood of

‘Bassia latifolia’ for his purpose. The wood should be purified and then given shape as per the appearance of the deity. The idol is then installed in a temple amidst the performance of appropriate rituals. During installation ceremony various articles like camphor, vermillion, sandalwood, incense, etc. are offered to the deity. The swastika mark is a sign of auspiciousness so the devotee must keep this in mind while giving shape to the idol.

This swastika mark must be carved out on the idol. Similarly, other signs of lord Vishnu like

‘srivatsa’ and ‘kaushtubh’ should also be carved out on the idol. Lord Vishnu is then invoked and requested to dwell within that idol by chanting mantras. After the deity has been invoked, the

‘wood’ no longer remains a lifeless structure but it becomes the embodiment of the deity. The idol is then considered to be fit for worship. While worshipping, a devotee should offer a bhoga of kheer to the deity. Burning a ghee or sesame-oil lamp in front of the deity is considered good. The devotee should then circumambulate around the temple premise. While circumambulating, he should keep on chanting the sacred mantra ‘om namo narayanay’. The idol thus installed should be worshipped daily without failure.”

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