Kraustuki says- ‘O revered sage! You have already enlightened me by revealing the names of seven different Manus of each Manavantar. You have also told me about the deities, the kings and the sages who existed during each Manavantar. Now, I am curious to know about the seven Manus, the deities and the sages of this Kalpa.’

Markandeya says- ‘Savarni, the son of Sangya’s shadow would be the eighth Manu. The Saptarishis of Savarni Manavantar would be Rama, Vyasa, Galav, Diptiman, Krip, RishyaSring and Drauni (Ashwatthama). The three main categories of deities existing during this Manavantar would be Sutapa, Amitabh and Mukhya. Each of them is the master of 20 Ganas. Among these, the Ganas- Prabhakar, Prabhas, Dathita, Dharma, Tejah, Rashmi and Vakratu come under the authority of the deity, Sutapa. Similarly, the deity Amitabh is the master of the Ganas like Prabhu, Vibhu and Vibhas etc. The deity Mukhya is the lord of Ganas like Dama, Dant, Rit, Soma and Vint. All of them are the offspring of sage Kashyapa. They will become famous as the deities of Savarni Manavantar. Bali, the son of Virochan would hold the post of Indra during this Manavantar. Virja, Arvaveera, Nirmoha, Satyavak, Kriti and Vishnu will be the sons of Savarni Manu.’

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