Shukdev says, “Parikshit by the virtues of the ambrosia, the gods had become invincible. They began to take revenge and the demon king Bali met his death in the battle. When Brahma saw the imminent extermination of the demons, he sent Devarshi Narada in the battlefield to make the gods abstain from the war. The survivng demons carried the dead Bali towards Astachal. There,

Shukracharya, the teacher of the demons, resurrected all the demons with his Sanjivani Vidya (knowledge that resurrects the dead). Thus obligated the demon-king Bali dedicated all his wealth to Shukracharya and began to serve him and other Brahmins of Bhirgu clan.

By the service of the Demons the Brahmins of Bhrigu clan got very much pleased. King Bali had a long cherished desire of conquering the heaven. So the Brahmins organized a Vishvjit Yagya for Bali. At the completion of Yagya, first emerged a beautiful chariot, all covered with gold. Then green coloured horses, inexhaustible quiver and a divine shield emerged in sequence from the altar. Bali’s grandfather Prahlada presented him a garland while Shukracharya gave a conch. Thus receiving all the weaponaries, king Bali took oath and circumambulated Brahmins. Thereafter, greeting them he boarded the chariot followed by powerful demons and their huge armies. Thus fully prepared Bali launched a massive attack on the heaven.

When Indra saw that Bali had come with full preparation and that his armies had surrounded Amaravati, he went to his teacher Brihaspati and asked about the reason for the demons’ sudden uprising. Devguru said, “Indra, blessing of Bhrigu Brahmins is the main reason of the demons uprising. You can’t face the demon armies yet, because Kal himself is in their favor. So you all abandon the heaven and hide somewhere.” After the abdication of the heaven by the gods Bali captured it. Then he conquered all the three worlds. With advice of his priests, Bali organized one hundred Ashvmegh Yagyas. Thus by the grace of Shukracharya and other Brahmins of Bhrigu clan, king Bali got the domain of the heaven and began to rule it generously.

Preaching of Payovrata to Aditi by Kashyapa: Sri Shukdev says, “O Parikshit, Aditi (mother of the gods) felt very sorry for the gods and capture of the heaven by the demons. When Sage Kashyapa visited Aditi’s hermitage, he saw his wife in desperate mood. On enquiring about the reason, Aditi said, ” Lord by your grace my married life is running well. But I am sorry for the pitiable condition of my sons, the gods. Strong demons have snatched their abode. So kindly tell me the remedy.” At her request Kashyapa preached Aditi about a worship named “Payovrat” to seek the blessing God.

This worship, Payovrat is carried out during the waxing phase of the month Phalgun (that correspond to February-March months in Gregorian calendar) for twelve days continuously. One must drink milk only during the worship. One-day before starting the Vrat, that is on the day of Amavasya (moonless night) one must smear his body with the earth dug out by the boars and take bath in the river. Then, one must worship God with Shodushopchar (sixteen treatments) while following the rules prescribed for daily routine. He must recite Dwadashakshari Mantra (hymn containing twelve letters), perform Havan with Kheer (rice cooked in milk) and distribute Naivadya (remaining food from Havan) among the devotees. Reciting the twelve-lettered hymn, one must tell the rosary-string at least once about the wish. Thus, the same worship must be performed for twelve days continuously. If one feeds a Brahmin daily during the Vrat, he can be sure of God’s grace.

Mother of the gods, Aditi performed Payovrat as per the advice of her husband Kashyapa. Pleased by her Vrat, the Lord appeared before her in Chaturbhuj (four-armed) form. Mother Aditi laid flat on the ground to greet the God. She prayed, “O Lord you are the God of Yagya, and Yagya yourself. Those, who take refuge at your feet are saved when you are pleased, nothing

remains ungettable.” Lord said, ” O mother of the gods, I know about your desire. You have worshipped me for your sons, But it is difficult yet to defeat the demons. But because of your worship, I will protect your sons by becoming your child.”

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